Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Medicine for the Soul

It's interesting how easily bodies fit together in a hug, almost as though our Creator designed our forms for embracing. A good hug from a trusted friend is great medicine when one's soul needs repair. The arms of someone who cares and a long embrace can be so comforting.

Some of us crave touch more than others. My youngest son is my kindred hugging spirit. When he was an infant, he'd seek to get as close as possible to me; when I held him, he'd press his check next to mine and hold it there. I could tell he was soaking up the comfort of his mother's nearness. Even now, at age 17, he craves long hugs from mom. I am happy to oblige. ;)

My hugging posse isn't always around for a fix when huge hugging needs are present, so I'm learning to "hug" myself and to receive "hugs" from God. Sitting still in His holy presence feels like a hug, as does prayer, and doing things that are good for me. Old fashioned good deeds feel like hugs, too. (It's funny that we feel like we've been hugged when we do for others. That's God's economy in action!)

But hugging with real arms feels good, too, which is why it's my favorite kind. :)


Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

A nephew of mine, now 54, taught me when he was about 10 ... put your right hand around your left shoulder (he was making the moves as he talked); now left hand around right shoulder. If you do that and think of me ... I am hugging you tightly.
I never forgot that; and use the words to send cyberhugs sometimes; and when I need a hug without anyone actually near ... it feels so good to know he is near, in my mind. Knowing Jesus and Mary are near, especially in the Adoration chapel or at our parish church before Mass begins ... is such a heavenly hug ... tears comes to my eyes sometimes. Merci for this, ma cherie. It brought back so many memories. DIEU TE BENISSE!!
Cajun Sissy

Esther said...

Your nephew sounds like he was a wise young man!