Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Sign of Love

Flowers are a sign of love from God, I think, a bit of "extra" He put into the world so we'd know He cares. I can't think of any other reason they're here than to grace our senses and reflect the beauty and generosity of God.

Flowers show me that God is extravagant.

I used to work in a florist shop, and the variety of shapes, colors, sizes and smells embodied in flowers seems endless. I loved being immersed in the headiness of it all on flower delivery day, when riots of color and fragrance graced buckets all over the store. Even now, the stunning beauty of a graceful arrangement can stop me in my tracks.

"The Earth laughs in flowers."

I've seen this phrase attributed to both e. e. cummings and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Either way, whoever said it, I couldn't agree more.

Thank you, God.


Anonymous said...

an old friend told me that above all rose types there is one rose above all.... and that's the wild rose .
some will say it's so simple and plain next to the pampered delicate tea rose.
but look at it this way ..... if you were a rose where would you rather be?
in a sheltered very lovely garden ?
or would you rather be on the ocean coast with everlasting miles of ocean to view each day ?

ONLY the wild rose is rugged enough to survive with it's hardy rugged deep roots and hardy foliage .

we have this but one life on earth to decide how deep we want our roots planted in jesus .
i believe this is what will determine each of our uniqueness and beauty once in heaven.
saint faustina said she wanted to be like the tiny little blue flowers hidden under the bushes .
YET . god said no....... you shall be my glorious simple rose on the ocean landscape ......
so if you want to be a glorious garden tea rose. you just might end up a tiny blue '' forget me not '' flower next to a yellow cucumber plant blossom
but them on the other hand .. i love cucumbers ..... so we should get along fine praising god with our tiny simple blossoms.

Esther said...

Dear anonymous friend: What a lovely comment! I love the idea that putting down our roots deep in Christ makes us into lovely flowers for Him. I would love to be a little forget-me-not hidden in the woods... with or without a cucumber nearby... for even the little things that speak quietly praise Him well. ;)