Saturday, November 17, 2007

The More Excellent Way

I had to make a decision recently, and in doing so, it seemed to me that we are often presented with the "acceptable way" and a "more excellent way." I found that any decision, so long as it is in line with our values and doesn't hurt us or others, is acceptable. But sometimes we are called to a more excellent way, one that may involve sacrifice for the greater good. The more excellent way is not always the easier way; in fact, there may be great obstacles, even pain. However, it is always the way that brings great blessing in the end. Christ travelling up the hill with His cross is our example of the more excellent way... there was great pain and great sorrow... but in the end, then and now, there is always resurrection.


Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying these entries. And that you get the point across with so few words. Am going to practice that. I am always so long winded. 'More excellent' instead of 'acceptable' is what we all should strive for.
Je t'aime, Cajun Sissy

Esther said...

Thank you, Macile, and thanks for your visits!

It does take practice, at least it does for me...

God bless you and all your writing endeavors!