Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Is Coming!

I heard a Christmas carol the other day and the depth of my emotion surprised me. Sheer joy bubbled deep inside. I haven't felt that way about Christmas for a long time.

Somehow it means more to me this year.

Advent candles arrived at the office today. I opened the box and was taken in by the tall waxy poles of violet and rose, not to mention the crowning glory of the white and gold pillar candle for the center. I held and looked at them with awe and excitement. What's happening to me? I can't wait to decorate the Advent wreath for the sanctuary.

We pray a novena to St. Anthony each Tuesday after morning Mass. The last novena asked for his intercession for our new parish center. In contrast to many past frustrations, the ground is now broken and the foundation is poured. The beginnings of walls are being formed. Success!

I wonder if my new state of mind about Christmas has anything to do with our latest novena, one which asks the saint to intercede for Christ to find a place in our hearts this Christmas. What a lovely request! We've been praying this for several weeks, and here I am feeling gaga about Christmas... hmm.

Never underestimate the power of the communion of saints.


Renee said...

There was a time many years back, that I began to dread Christmas, the shopping,the lists,the crowds,etc.It seemed to me,that was all there was to it. Since returning to church many years ago, I have learned what Christmas really means. It was with the help of the Advent Season and Wreath, but most of all, the missing baby in the nativity scene,that I realized we should be rejoicing for He is coming.Now Christmas for me, is waiting and anticipating His arrival in the manger and singing Joy To The World at Christ's Mass on Christmas day. There is no happier season then at Christmas.I can not wait for Advent to begin...

Esther said...

Renee, it is wonderful that Christmas is now a time of rejoicing! Thank you for visiting and sharing again.

A blessed and joyous first Sunday of Advent to you,