Monday, November 19, 2007

Dancing with the Spirit

Jesus tells us to be as little children; however some of us need to learn to be childlike.

When my father died seven years ago, I was alone in making the arrangements for his funeral and burial. I traveled across country, away from my young children, to take care of things. I did OK until just after I arranged for his plot at the cemetery. Then suddenly, in the silence of the car, I fell apart. I sobbed deeply, uncontrollably, for what seemed like a very long time. It might have been the first time in my life I felt powerless, unable to manage things by myself. And you know what? God met me there. I became a child who climbed into His lap and I allowed Him to hold me like a daddy. That experience is still very close to my heart.

A friend recently sent me a poem over email about dancing with God. It reminded me of a verse from Galatians: ‘Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.’ (Galatians 5:25, NIV)

Sometimes ‘keeping in step with the Spirit’ is not about doing correct, orchestrated dance moves; it’s about letting the Spirit lead, about being a child in His arms and allowing Him to carry us, kind of like when I was a little girl and stood on my Daddy’s toes while he danced. It’s about admitting we don’t know where He’ll take us, but trusting all the same.

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