Saturday, November 17, 2007

Divine Plumage

I was in the kitchen one recent morning and looked out the window to billowing hot pink clouds, the beginning of sunrise. Since our kitchen window faces east, I can be astounded each morning (so long as I pay attention). Such vibrant colors - such brilliant clouds! Each morning is different. I began to think of sunrise and sunset as times when God "shows His feathers." It's almost as though He's revealing Himself very dramatically for our benefit. With a show like that, there is no doubt He's there.

He doesn't have to do it... But He does.

Like a cosmic peacock fanning its tail to its mate, He calls to us in a no-holds-barred kind of way through these vibrant slices of Heaven visible just twice a day on Earth.


Anonymous said...

last night at 6 pm vigil saturday mass a wonderful lady showed her true feathers...
She had just told me the doctor said she had facial cancer.
i knew there was pain in her and her face reflected that........
it seems out of pain comes the most beauty.
Out of this pain in her face was our lords holy face .
thankyou esther for reminding us about divine plumage.
THAT is EXACTLY what i saw in her face............divine plumage

Anonymous said...

Yes, defining the sunrise as GOD's plumage ... puts it in a whole new light for me. Wish I had an east window to look from. Ohe, well ... maybe I will remember some day to open the east door. That has to be awesome.
Merci, ma cherie.

Esther said...

Isn't it interesting that beauty can come from pain...

The economy of God played out!

Thanks for your post!

Esther said...

When we get to Heaven all windows will face east. :)