Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Around Another Corner

Someone I know once said, "Never lose hope, for you don't know what's waiting for you just around the corner." Despite struggles that might tempt others toward depression, she chose to see each day as a new opportunity.

I love seeing things like that, too, though I sometimes forget; that is, until I turn another corner to find a surprise waiting for me. I had a light-hearted surprise a couple weekends ago - I was asked to be part of a contest at a local cooking school. I was a little nervous, but ended up having a blast cooking my entry, chicken mole' using Oregon Chai Tea, which was the sponsor of the contest. (That's me stirring the sauce. ;)

There was a bonus surprise, too: I was asked to consider teaching a class or two there. That was something I didn't expect... and I greatly look forward to it. You see? You never know what's just around the corner. Our Lord loves to surprise us with His goodness that comes in unexpected ways. May your day be full of His love.


Christine Trollinger said...

YUM! Looks delicious...send some my way Sissy!

Esther said...

You got it! :)

Rick Mullen said...

Turning corners, true and twice true.
We have to leave behind, our view (point of view?) of the present. See through the dark of the moment,
to .... New Horizons. Bon Bon appetite' Yum..

Esther said...

I like your new twist on it!