Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lord, Have Mercy

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Well, I failed a test last night. I didn't live up to what I posted below, graciousness in times of trial and difficulty.

There is something about withstanding trials with dignity that just feels good. God gives peaceful endurance when times are tough, and He doesn't ask us to do ANYTHING for which He doesn't provide strength... if we are willing to receive it and not battle against it.

Like the "Little Engine that Could" (a favorite childhood book), I must believe that there is a top to the mountain with a strength-bolstering downhill side. It will come, and probably sooner than I think.

Lord, I love you. Thank you for every bit of strength you have given; thank you for every bit you will give. Help me to put myself aside and shoulder the burden. I know you are with me. Amen.


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rick said...

We are still failing.
(that Garden of E. thing)
You are in good company.
I need Some ( HOLY ) Body
to help me too. Not so that
I will not fail, but to know
that He can make good come
from my total selfish failures.
Sometimes (a lot lately) I need for
there to be only one set of "footprints" in the sand.
Love You, Rick