Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Is My Father's World

This evening as my son and I drove home from Easter supper at my in-laws, I was - as is usual for me - absolutely taken by the beauty of nature around me. We drove through vineyards and meadows, under canopies of green trees and over mountains with forests that opened at times to wide views, all at that magical time of day when the sun is low in the sky and the light is soft and kind to the earth. Soon after our trek began, the sun fell below the ridgeline and the clouds morphed into the brilliant purply orange of sunset. Distant trees became spiky silouhettes against a fading sky.

As I fawned over the setting sun, my son said to me, "Mom, I wish I could experience the sunset like you." Though he appreciates nature, he isn't moved by such changes in the evening sky. I began to wonder whether the way my cells resonate at the perfect green of a springtime forest is a bit unusual. Or the way I want to jump out of my skin with joy at the sight of the moon when it's orange (orange!) and so big it looks like I could touch it. Or the way my heart wants to burst when the late afternoon sun shines on the distant creek as it winds its way through fields below us. I'm not sure, but I'm thankful for others who share this joy.

One of my favorite hymns was originally written for children as a way to teach them about the glory of God in creation. It's called This Is My Father's World. Click here to read the stanzas and take a listen.

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