Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He Is Always There

Jesus is present in so many ways... in so many places... a writers' conference, fully Evangelical, with its bold, outward proclamation... with its spare, earnest worship. the Carmelite monastery, shrouded in mystery, on a cloud of peace... where your secret call to the soul beckons... with the monks' prayers lifted to you like incense in their censor... a Catholic church, large or small, simple or grand... with its stained glass, flickering candles, and... especially... the holy hush of Your Presence... the springtime buds that make the world quiver with life expressed in perfect green... the flowers thrown madly throughout roadside fields, which shout of You in their purple and orange chorus... juvenile alter egos to Your stately sunset... the sweet eyes of a friend, kind with promise... eager and ready to accept, listen and connect...

Truly, Christ, you are everywhere!

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