Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Rowan

I just read about Rowan, a story that both touched and horrified me. Rowan was born alive in an abortion clinic after a botched second trimester abortion. He lived for 11 minutes. His mother, Angele, tried to save him, but was ignored by the clinic staff. The pictures of Rowan were difficult for me to see. His body was perfectly formed. Other than his tiny size, he looked like any other baby sleeping, with fully formed hands, feet and facial features. The thought that this little one, so clearly a human being, was destined for the dumpster was like a nightmare, but it is a real story, played out many times every day. What kind of culture is ours?

I was going to post a picture of Rowan, but I hesitated, because seeing him is not for the faint of heart. This is not because he is gruesome, but because he is not. He is beautiful, not worthy of such death. Please click on the link above for the story.

We must stop the killing of our most innocent life. Rowan did not do anything to deserve death. His mother, Angele, regrets the decision she made and will now live the rest of her life with the knowledge of his untimely death. Lest you think I condemn her, I don't. I was there once, too. Poor Angele. Poor Rowan. What is happening to us, that we kill those who do not harm us? Blood is on our hands.

Too many have died. Too many are wounded. Abortion kills, yes, but it also maims the souls of those left behind, of those at whose hands innocents have been destroyed. We must stop it. As Mother Teresa says, "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you live as you wish."

Please, help stamp out this poverty. Let's not let another Rowan be left to die. And let's protect the other Angeles from being wounded. What can you do to help?

May Baby Rowan be carried to our Lord's bosom by our Mother, Mary. And may Angele know the peace only our Lord can give.

For help after an abortion, see here for Rachel's Vineyard.


Lavinia said...

Very sad post. What a controversial topic. Everything should have been done to save this baby, especially since the mother had a change of heart. It's tragic that her change of heart didn't come sooner...before she entered the abortion clinic.

Anonymous said...

Lavinia -- everything should have been done to save this baby because it was human, not because the mother had a change of heart. An child's worth should not be based on the arbitrary view of the mother.

Also -- it is easy to blame the abortion clinic, but after all, they were just doing what they had been paid to do -- and, it is legal thanks to roe v wade. The only way Angele is going to heal is to accept repsonsibility herself for choosing the abortion to begin with and then accept God's grace and forgiveness. I'm sorry, because I don't want to say anything to make her pain worsened -- in fact, if I could carry some of it so she wouldn't have to, I would. But there is plenty of information out there on what a baby looks like at every stage of gestation, if you do a little research, which is the very least anyone could do when making such a momentous decision. Women have been lied to that this is a free choice and is their right as a woman, the ultimate lie given in a package of legal right.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much hold myself accountable for my actions..just so that you know.


Esther said...

God bless you, Angele, and thank you for commenting on this post. I feel honored to have you weigh in. If you wish, please email me. I would love to talk with you more. You are in my prayers.