Sunday, August 10, 2008


My husband and I are taking the day to celebrate our wedding anniversary (which is number 20 on the 13th). In happy anticipation, here are some things to which I look forward today:

1. Mass outdoors on the mountain (a first for us this summer)
2. The fresh, pine smell of the "chapel"
3. The play of shade and sunlight in the trees above us
4. The crunch of gravel beneath my feet as I go to receive
5. Kneeling in two favorite places at once: church and the outdoors
6. The possibility of seeing old friends there
7. The comfortable togetherness that 20 years brings
8. Astoundingly beautiful surroundings as we drive around the lake
10. Trying the Irish pub
11. An ambling, unscheduled pace and freedom to be spontaneous
12. Stopping for walks
13. The over-the-top Mediterranean style winery on the lake
14. Bees buzzing about lavender and the sparkle of sunshine on blue water
16. Trying a new wine
17. Knowing our boys are OK (and even enjoy being) on their own
18. Home at the end of an adventure

I hope to have some photos for a post-celebration report.

The photo above was taken 8 years ago*. I didn't realize it was taken on our anniversary, but when I looked closely I saw the pin I wear every year on that day, so it must've been taken on our 12th. What serendipity! :)

* My photo files are sparse... sorry!


Poetikat said...

Happy 20th Anniversary, Esther and husband! May the Lord continue to bless your marriage and your family.

The Mass on the mountain sounds wonderful! (So does the Irish pub.)

Have a wonderful time.


MuseSwings said...

Happy 20th! What a lovely way to celebrate! Thank you for another lovely and poetically descriptive post.

Mibsy said...

Esther, I am wa-a-a-a-ay behind in blog reading...Happy Happy 20th, the outdoor mass sounds marvelous! and beautiful photo!

Esther said...

Kat, Cynthia and Mibsy: Thank you so much for stopping by with your good wishes. I cherish them as another beautiful part of our 20th anniversary! :)