Friday, December 5, 2008

Under the Carmelite Moon

We Carmelite aspirants have been asked to write about what the journey to Mt. Carmel means to us. For me, this answer is in the undercurrent of a stream flowing just under my surface. The stream ripples and moves, with changing, swirling eddies that are visible but hard to grasp. Just when I think I can explain what draws me to the waters, the explanation or feeling or thought darts out of sight, as though it wishes to remain hidden, felt but not seen. Yet it moves me, this invisible current just under my surface. It moves me in ways I do not wish to resist.

When I journey to Mt. Carmel it feels as though I am stepping into silvery moonbeams that bathe the earth in soft, sweet light. The moonbeams are the witness of the saints that have trod this path before me; they freely pour their wisdom onto the path, beckoning all who choose to walk to move forward with them. These moonbeam saints reflect the light of the Son whom they love and follow. In their circle of brightness lies true peace.

Now that I'm here, I feel I was always meant to walk this path, though I would not have known to plan it. My adventure began when I responded to Christ's call to the Eucharist; it continues on the moonlit road to Carmel. "Deeper and further," says the Lord, and I follow. I look forward to the places He will draw me on this journey.

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Sara said...

Hello Esther and welcome back to blogging. I'd love to hear more about your Carmelite experience sometime. Or perhaps I will look them up online. I am always being pulled in that sort of direction too.

Just read a wonderful little book by Emilie Griffin - Wonderful and Dark is This Road: Discovering the Mystic Path, that I got from Paraclete Press. Actually, they sent it as an extra gift with an order I placed. I enjoyed it.

Sounds like you are quite busy with 3 jobs and your son's project too...

Blessings to you.