Sunday, July 6, 2008

Waves of Inspiration

The inspiration for "Heart Haiku" below came from a discussion I had with our young philosopher, Billy (who also happens to be a comedian, writer, Boy Scout, aspiring history teacher and someone who can produce a great burp). We talked about various scientific theories related to our universe, including its creation, shape and movement. Does it expand and contract over time like a bladder, or just expand? Is it saddle shaped, flat or spherical? Will it eventually collapse or can it expand forever? How many dimensions exist within it? Do dimensions beyond the three we experience explain the existence of spiritual beings that live just beyond our awareness? God must exist in many dimensions. Is it "extra" dimensions in Heaven that manifest in new-to-us colors or multiple strains of music playing all at once (as explained by those returning from near death experiences)?

When Billy told me that scientists theorize that all the matter of the universe could be held within one's palm prior to the Big Bang and that 98% of matter in existence now was present then, I couldn't help but think of those expanding sponge children's toys that when placed in water become an animal or a car. The entirety of the shape it will become is encased in a tiny capsule, known only to its designer before gently unfolding under water.

My heart became so full at the thought of God placing EVERYTHING - all the hopes, dreams, colors, planets, lights, life of the universe - into something so small, knowing all the while that it would become just what He envisioned. And this God, who is far bigger than His amazing creation, actually comes to take up residence within us.

The universe within our hearts. Amazing.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

In the beginning was the word.....

Words to ponder!

Esther said...

It stops my heart to think that the Word - through Whom all was created - lives with and within us!