Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Musings

Hello, hello: Well, it's Sunday and I'm back... finally. I do not say that from your perspective, but from mine. This blog has become like a new appendage, and I felt I was leaving an arm behind as I trundled on the path ahead, feeling quite incomplete. I look forward to receiving once again the doses of encouragement, inspiration, humor, creativity and beauty in the form of lovely postings by authors of other blogs. My "morning rounds" were like making myself at home in a friend's kitchen, with the smell of baking bread in their oven and a cup of coffee in front of me, sharing thoughts of the heart. I believe I will break this self-imposed fast...

New blog: I started "BookNotes" to share the wonder of the words that move me. There are normally five or six books in progress on my nightstand, and many of late have deeply touched me. I will post there sporadically, whenever the muse strikes. (I haven't had a chance to do so yet, but if you want to check it out sometime, it's linked to my profile.)

Gratitude: Mibsy of Classical Calling created a "happiness book" of 50 things that make her happy, and since then I've wanted to create one of my own. There is so much for which to be thankful, so I now list, in no particular order and very randomly, a few of the things that brighten my path with joy:

1. Motherhood
2. Long hugs
3. The lingering smell of incense in church
4. Eucharistic Adoration
5. The Body and Blood of Christ
6. Sharing books from my childhood with my children
7. The night sky
8. Trips to the library
9. Praying aloud while holding hands
10. Mass
11. Dolphins
12. Fireworks
13. Being married
14. The surprise of bats flying at dusk
15. Going anywhere with my sons
16. Fireflies
17. The beach
18. Coffee with a friend
19. Houses overflowing with books or art or Catholic spirituality
20. A book I can't put down
21. Learning a surprising thing about someone else
22. CS Lewis
23. The Monterey Bay Aquarium
24. Fresh air
25. Family time
26. A fresh tomato sandwich
27. The hymn "Hosea"
28. Singing
29. Otters at play
30. That prayerful part in "See Me, Feel Me" by The Who
31. Literary & spiritual analogies
32. Gardens, from English Cottage to Japanese
33. Overlooks or rooms with views
34. Looking up in a redwood forest
35. Shooting stars
36. Amazing scientific facts that reveal God's design
37. Jellyfish
38. The Luminous Mysteries on Thursdays
39. When the dishes are done
40. The way my body feels when I exercise
41. Fresh raspberries
42. When my children make me proud
43. Kindness
44. Clouds
45. Light and colors at dawn and end of day
46. A neatly stacked pile of wood for the winter
47. Being up early
48. Writing without rushing
49. Bumblebees
50. This incredible, amazing journey with God


Mibsy said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful list! THanks for sharing!

Anne said...

I will enjoy reading you thoughts on books in your new posting, what a good idea!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

#37. Jellyfish. ????

Their sting is so painful.....

Do you mean simply their appearance?

Other than that, I see that you enjoy the true, often simple pleasures of life, such as books, nature, and find real, supreme joy in the Lord. I can relate to many items on your list....Esther, it's so nice to know you...and your blog!

Esther said...

Mibsy: Thanks for your inspiration!

Anne: You are a wonderful provider of books that inspire! You'll see many familiar ones there, I'm sure.

Lavinia: Ah yes, the jellyfish... strange, no? To me they are the most magical of creatures from a visual perspective, especially because their visual beauty - their ballerina-like grace - is so unexpected. I am overwhelmed by such unusual surprises in nature. Perhaps this link will explain some of it:

Be sure to click on the "Daily Jellies Auditorium Shows" on the upper right.

I'll be interested to hear what you think. :)

Pat said...

Hello Esther!

I'm glad your "back"! I know that soemtimes blogging can take up a lot of time, but it is also so wonderfully interesting and comforting too! I feel like I now have many blogger "pen pals" to look forward to sharing my day with!

Your happy list was wonderful to read! We have many things in common.

I will look forward to peeking into you new blog too --I love quotations and menaingful book passages.

Hugs, Pat

Esther said...

Thank you, Pat! I hope I will have time this weekend to post something on the BookNotes blog.