Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Real Bobinator

Here he is in all his red-headed glory, my other son, Bobby. He drove this tractor around the other day at his grandparents' ranch, and as I watched the back of his red head go down the drive, my heart hitched a bit. Was it that long ago that he sat on his father's knee as they did laps around the same gravel trail on the old red Farmall?! It's hard to believe he's now driving a tractor himself.

When Bobby was 15 months old, he followed his father around the garden, hoe in hand. He was always very serious about work; it was his play. We have photos of Bobby "changing the oil" in his tricycle, while in the background his grandpa worked on his truck.

I think it's this seriousness about his responsibilities that earns him praise from his teachers and the high school administration. That and the fact that he's so willing to help out. He's been called a hero by more than one teacher when he's taken care of a computer problem for them.

Bobby is a senior now and, Lord willing, will soon be off to college. I will miss this future computer engineer. I can hardly express how proud he's made me. I will try to sneak in as many hugs as possible while he's still around.

Here's to you, Bobby, and your bright future! Thanks for blessing our home with the gift of yourself.


A Kite Rises said...

You are rightly proud Esther, sounds like a really great lad you have there : ) Don't the years just whizz by?! My son only has two more years left of schooling before college years beckon: it only feels like minutes since I let go his hand on his first day at school, and walked back to my car teary eyed and emotional. I too, Thank God for his presence in our lives. Thanks for this lovely post (will also be sneaking in many hugs, as many as I can get away with!)

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Ohe, my dear dear friend; you have in Bobby ... what I have in two sons. Ricki likes to get dirty ... and Michael is into the computer stuff. ;-) Hug Bobby for me once in a while. Looks like I may get to hug my Ricki real soon. He did call, and now they are trying to teach him how to walk again. Sweet Jesus, be with all these young men ... and please ... bring mine 'home to Rome'. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!
Cajun Sissy

Esther said...

Dear Kite: I cried his first day of school, too. Enjoy your boy, and thanks for your kind words about mine!

Macile: Praying for your two "boys," and especially that Ricki will be well soon!