Monday, February 18, 2008

Heart of Hope

I saw a blue bird light on the leafless branches of the mulberry tree in our backyard. There it was, a bright spot of color among the long sticks of faded brown, sticks that otherwise had no color or life. The bird was like a tiny heart beating in a barren soul.

He looked like a little colorful prisoner in an empty wooden cage, and it made me think that even in the most seemingly hopeless, uninspired human being, a heart created by God beats inside. The heart beating inside their soul might be a dormant kernel - but the song of God can release it from its prison.

Where there is breath, there is hope. Christ raised Lazarus from the dead. He is in the business of miracles!

"When you were dead in your sins... God made you alive with Christ." Colossians 2:13


Christine said...

How very true sissy. In the midst of the darkness of winter and of Lent, God leads us to the beatific vision.

Leslie K. said...

Today, driving back from the dentist, I saw the most amazing rain clouds just hanging in a clear blue sky. It was gorgeous...and I had to thank God for that moment of beauty.