Sunday, February 17, 2008

Everyday Holiness

Someone who is one of the most positive people I know has a saying: "Don't lose hope, for you never know what's waiting for you just around the corner!" She moved away some years ago and her ever sunny outlook is sorely missed, though I'm sure the people in her new location are being blessed with the warm rays of her disposition!

I love the times when God gives us holy reminders in the everyday ordinariness of our lives, little things that are waiting "just around the corner." I had a couple this morning, small bits of wonder as I drove home from Mass.

The first was an egret that flew across the road just in front of my car, its wide wings outstretched and long neck pointing the way as it glided to the other side of the road. I always feel a rush of amazement when I see these big white birds, which to me are an interesting combination of grace and humor: grace as they fly, and humor as they poke their way through marshy fields on long legs, reminiscent of awkward teenage boys.

Today I was reminded that we can never predict God; His blessings pop out at the most unexpected of times. We can be completely unaware of Him, and suddenly, as quickly as an egret crossing our path, we know He's there.

Another surprise entered my vision several miles down the road. As I rounded a turn, straight in front of me were two of the largest, most brightly colorful hot air balloons one could imagine. With baskets resting on the ground, they were releasing the air within them, deflating as they seemed to move in time with the classical tune playing on my radio at that moment.

A quiet graceful surprise. A big WOW in a shock of color and size. I am grateful for these reminders that we never know what God has for us "just around the corner!"


Leslie K. said...

If there is anything more JOYFUL to see as a big surprise than a hot air balloon I do not know what it is....I LOVE coming up on them 'out of the blue'.
Thank you for reminding me of this type of holiness!

Christine said...

Amen! Abba Father has been busy today showing us all His special signs of love.

I love hot air balloons.