Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lean Not Unto Your Own Understanding

It is good that God does not expect us to understand each nuance of our journey with Him; if he did, I'd be lost. I am in a spiritual "holding dock" right now, moving neither forward nor backward, just waiting to see what God will do next. Perhaps it is like the safe, secure darkness of a womb, with birth pending but unseen. I like that analogy; it's very positive.

It may be my overly busy schedule that is keeping me from "feeling" God as I normally do. Or perhaps it is the calm after a great, stressful storm, and I am allowed to float free on my raft without wind, at least for a time. I am not in the doldrums exactly (pictured at left), but I'm not moving forward either.

But this will pass. Perhaps I just need a spot of rest. For now I will fall back on His wings and let Him fly. I'll relax like a feather in the wind.


Rick Mullen said...

Glad to see you writing again.
I check your blog each day,
and I pray for you when I do.
My spiritual writing has been "on hold" as well, so I don't mean to throw stones.
We all need a rest sometimes. Jesus "went a little away" from his friends lots of times. Maybe that was so they could digest, listen to their own hearts, and grow slowly and silently.
Blessings, Rick

Esther said...

Thanks, Rick - your prayers mean a lot. I check your blog, too, and look forward to when you're in the mood for writing again. Interestingly, after I wrote this post, I read something in "The Sacrament of the Present Moment" about being adrift with God that resonates with what I wrote. I'll have to post about that!