Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seeing a Gift

Lord, how can I thank you for what you have done?

As I slowly moved into consciousness this morning, God made me aware that a significant prayer request, one that has been on my heart for well over a year, has been answered. It's funny that I didn't see it - at least not completely - till now, though God made it real some days ago.
Sometimes He does big things quietly, in a very humble way, such as when the King of Heaven stepped into our time and space in a stable. We must have faith that He is working in our lives, even when things do not seem to change. Who knows what small, imperceptible things are moving below the surface to be revealed at a later time? My prayer has been answered. Quietly. Beautifully. Perfectly. And for this, gratitude rises in my chest like a sweet, warm tide.
Thank you, Lord, for what you have done.


Rick Mullen said...

The Jews waited for The God King to deliver all from pain, poverty, fear, and want. He came and did so. Not in the way they expected; but instead He gave them the most perfect answer.
His very Self.
He's still doing it.
I think He still gets a kick out of suprising us.
God Bless, Rick

Esther said...

Oh I agree, and I love them! Isn't it beautiful? He continually gives us what we don't deserve. :)

非凡 said...

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