Friday, March 13, 2009

Movin' Toward Eternity

Today as I made the long but pretty drive between work and picking up my son, I thought about the inevitability of life's learning curve. It seems a shame, really, to have to wait so long to be on this side of the curve. It's hard not to look back on the things in life I would have done differently had I only known! Here I am, past the 50 mark, wondering why in the world I had to wait till now to learn what I have through this life. I can't help but wonder if I could have been of greater benefit to God and the other denizens of this planet had I come to this "comfortable in my own skin" point earlier in life.

Then I remembered. Life doesn't end when it seems to. It goes on always. It doesn't matter how and when we learn whatever lessons we do, because we're not working for glory here, but for the other side. Each step taken here, however halting or hesitant, is meant to get us there. It is all a journey to The Grand End of the Path, and each of us goes at our own pace. We'll get there if we stay the course, even when we move slowly. And part of the journey is learning from our mistakes, not to mention letting others see our learning curve so they can learn, too!

There is joy in the journey. Relax and be led by the Master.


Christine Trollinger said...

Amen Esther...Amen!

Rick Mullen said...

Big steps or small, we are on the move. Which direction is the important factor, Thanks for the post ! LOL Rick

Sara said...

Esther, this is a wonderful way of putting it, and I too, resonate with this post because I've had the same thoughts, also being on the far side of 50. It is so wonderful to remember that nothing in this life is wasted and really, we have eternity before us!

I'm so glad to discover that you've come back to your blog.