Monday, January 5, 2009

Like Waking Up

Light enters in and softly glows
On the mossy green promise
Of my soul

Darkness is dispelled
Instead, beams brighten
Nighttime's former realm

Seeds germinate to birth new life
The Petri dish of not yet risen ash
Reveals a Phoenix with promise of release

Shoots wriggle and hope pushes forth
Perfect Christfruit is sweetly borne
On limbs no longer bare

Pain's mystery now gives way to
Distant cries of triumph
That burst from yonder hills

Morning comes on softest angel's wings
Truly God waits on the edges
Of each darkest day


Anonymous said...
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Sara said...

Hello Esther, Hope all is well. I have not been by in a while and I see you have not posted in a while either.

Blessings to you.


Anonymous said...

Awsome !!
You paint with words.
Great / each stanza
Great Finish !!
God waits...
(The Light that guides
without blinding.)
LOL Rick

Lavinia said...

Happy Valentines Day Esther!