Monday, December 17, 2007

Such a Fragile Package

My brother recently fell off a roof and injured himself badly. A local school counselor died in a head-on collision Thanksgiving weekend, and a young man I know (for whom I babysat many years ago) died in a construction accident this week. We're not invincible. Our humanity resides in a very fragile package. Our lives can be lost - or forever changed - in an unexpected instant.

I've been thinking lately about the corruptibility of the body. (It's no wonder!) Could every cut, ache and pain be meant to push us to God? When sin entered the world, not only did our bodies cease to be eternal, but our communion with God was damaged, forever changed. Vulnerability is our reminder that there is something beyond ourselves. This fragile temporal home pushes us to seek what is eternal - God. It calls us to Him.

To die in friendship with God is to give our soul a home long after our body has turned to dust. But first one must live cultivating His friendship, for we never know when our lease here is up.

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